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Parkhills Baptist Church

Sign Up for myPBC

Sign Up for myPBC
(Our online membership database)

The first step to signing up for myPBC is to make sure that we have you correct email address in our membership data base. Once we have your email address, follow these steps:


Click here to go to the myPBC login site.

Below the sign-in box will see the question "Need a login? Click here". Click on the highlighted area. You will type your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS. Then click “FIND ME.”

If the information that you entered matches our membership database, you will see a congratulations note. Check the email account inbox with which you signed up. When you do so, you should receive a User Name and Password that you can use to sign into your new myPBC.

If the information that you entered does not match our membership database you will receive a message that says the site was unable to locate a record matching the information you provided. Please verify that the information you entered is correct and resubmit your request. If you are unable to register it could mean that we have an incorrect email address for you, or that we have your name spelled incorrectly in our database. Contact us at 210-494-5219.

ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR LOG IN INFORMATION, you can return to the myPBC webpage. When you are there, type in your User Name and Password and then click “Login.”

Explore the information found here as you select the tabs across the top of the page. (Overview, Home, Directories, Groups, Calendar). The Overview page is a small overview of available items. You have an option to view your complete profile, your giving record, perform a quick member search, view the calendar and/or view any groups of which you belong. From the overview page, you can choose additional tabs.